Block Glare and Boost Your Privacy

Hire us for auto tinting services in Nevada, Joplin, MO and the surrounding areas

If you need auto tinting services in Nevada or Joplin, MO, look no further than K3 Auto Solutions. Adding window tint to your vehicle has many benefits. The first and most obvious is improving the physical appearance of the vehicle. The more important benefits include blocking 99% of UV rays that can be harmful to you, your passengers, and your car's interior. Additionally, adding a quality window film also offers heat rejection which will keep your vehicle cooler in the hot summer months. This helps keep your vehicle's A/C system from working extra hard to keep you cool. One last major benefit is the privacy that it gives you and your passengers while driving down the road, and your personal items while your vehicle is parked. We will come to your location to meet your tinting needs!

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How much will your tinting services cost?

We'll make it affordable to get the car tinting services you need. Our prices start at:

  • $50 per side window
  • $100 for back glass
  • $50 for windshield brow
We also offer 50% off windshield brow tint when tinting the whole vehicle.

Please keep in mind that we'll need an indoor working space to provide car tinting services. If you don't have one at your location, we can take your vehicle to our garage in town.